Nova Scotia Canada

DISCLAIMER. IMPORTANT. PLEASE READ. The following is the current schedule of upcoming Scotian Hiker events. Most of these events are physically demanding, often over rough terrain and long distances, and often take place rain or shine. These are NOT walks in the park (i.e. easy). If you choose to join in on any of these events, you do so voluntarily and completely at your own risk and expense. Neither I (Scotian Hiker/Don Crowell) nor any landowners will be held liable for any injuries, expenses, or inconveniences that participants may experience during these events. Outdoor activity always involves risk and effort; participants are fully responsible for their own actions and well-being, and are not obligated to engage in activities that they feel are unsafe. Possible hazards participants may experience include (but are not limited to): falls, scrapes, cuts, breaks, sprains, punctures, insect bites and stings, fatigue, dehydration, allergic reactions, hypothermia, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, getting wet and dirty, wildlife encounters, and death. Proper attire and kit for hiking are required (i.e. comfortable hiking shoes, sunscreen, hat, insect repellent, lots of water, energy snacks, first aid kit, medications if needed, etc.). If you do not agree with the above terms, stay home; if you do agree, welcome aboard!

Now that the dire, serious stuff is covered, it's time for some fun in the outdoors! If you wish to participate in any of the following events, just show up at the appointed time and place. However, please note that this event schedule is subject to change with little or no notice; be sure to check the Events Calendar the morning of the hike before going out the door. For certain events, registration will be mandatory and will be indicated as such; for those events, email me at to register.


Remember: this schedule can change without notice. Currently-listed events can be rescheduled, and new events can be squeezed in between currently-listed events. Sometimes, events are listed on very short notice to capitalize on impending weather, tidal or astronomical events. If you do not want to miss an event, please check back regularly.

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